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We are looking for properties to purchase in your area. We purchase all cash or lease purchase and can close in as little as 5 days in some cases.



UP TO $250K Cash on single Family Homes!

$250k-$500k for Multi Unit Properties 2-4 Units



Probate Property

Vacant Property

Vacant Lot

Avoid Foreclosure

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We will buy your single family house or Rental property for up to $250k cash! More for Multi unit Properties. We pay all closing costs. Even if your property has little to no equity we can still purchase your property. This will vary on a case by case basis. If your property is rented we will still buy your property! Because we are buying cash we can only purchase a limited number of properties each month. Don't miss out on your chance to sell your property in the next 14 days!

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Sell Your Vacant House or Vacant Lot 

Click the link below to sell your vacant property in the next 14 days. When the property is vacant we can close quickly because we can easily inspect the property to price repairs. If your property is vacant click the link below to schedule a date we can view the property.









Sell your Occupied House 

or Rental 


Click the link below to sell your occupied property. When the property is occupied it may take a little longer to view the inside of the property to inspect for repairs. We will need to inspect the property before we purchase. Some owners may need more time in the property to pack and move. We can provide more time if needed.

If the property is rented the tenant will not need to move out of the property.

If there is little to no equity the property will need to be in livable condition for us to be able to make you an offer.

If your occupied property falls into one of these situations click the link below to schedule a time we can speak about the property.


Sell Your Multi Unit Property

(5-150 Units)  

Click the link below to find out more about our process and see your options on selling your multi unit property.






Sell Your Multi Unit Property


Click the link below to see what we are looking for in properties this size. We buy properties this size in Multiple locations within the United States. so make sure you take a look at the list on the link below to see if we are buying Large Multi Unit properties in your area. 





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Put cash in you pocket in as little as 14 days with no repairs!