Want to Sell Your House and get a Higher offer on your Property without Realtor commissions?

Sell Your Property with little or No Equity!

Want to sell your property at your asking price or at lease close to it? We can help you Today by buying your home subject to your existing mortgage!  We want to buy your property by taking over you current loan payment. We take over the responsibility of all repairs on the property. We will pay your mortgage payments directly to your bank on time each month freeing you up from the hassle of dealing with this burden. 

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How we can help you succeed!

Sell without Showings!

Get your property sold with out a bunch of people walking your property.

Pay No Commission

Because we are buying your property without realtors you will not have a commission that you owe any realtor. 

Higher Offer!

Get market value or close to the current market value of your property minus any repairs needed so you can move on with your life!

Looking for $200k - $500k for your Home?  

We buy Fixer uppers Cash and we Buy pretty homes Subject to the existing mortgage!


“This Home was bought subject to the existing loan and is now a luxury short term rental property. Super Hosts are getting $500 a night for this property on the lake! This income is keeping the note paid as well as putting money in the sellers pocket each month. When your property is in the right area you have more options!”

Rod J
Spring City, TN.

“We decided to partner with our property to create an AirBNB for Cash Flow! Now we get income from our property for the length of our loan!”

The Power Couple
Atlanta, Ga.


Let's talk options!



Im Rod Jones a Real Estate Investor in Metro Atlanta. We help Home sellers with little to no equity get out of their property and move on with their life! We purchase on terms subject to the existing loan. 

We offer to take over your payments for the length of your existing loan. Freeing you of that debt payment and repairs needed on the property.

You may also have to option of selling your property on a lease purchase. With the lease purchase option we are still buying your home subject to your existing mortgage loan but the term for payoff for your loan may be as short as 3-5 years. Giving us time to build equity in the property and refinance the property in our name. If either of these options will work for you click the link below to schedule a consult with us today.

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