We will Buy your 5-150 Unit Property Lease Purchase

Non Refundable Deposit Paid to Seller 

24-36 Month Terms

Or Make a Cash Offer!

Want a Higher offer on your Property without Realtor commissions?

Sell Your Multi Unit Property Lease Purchase!

Want to sell your multi unit property at your asking price or at lease close to it? We help investors get into multi unit investment property!  We want to buy your property lease purchase. We will pay you a Non-Refundable deposit credited toward the purchase price of the property. We will pay you monthly rent on (performing properties only) your property for a term of 24-36 months while our buyer repairs and increases value on the property for purchase. You will no longer be responsible for management and repairs of the property. You are now just the bank till the buyer qualifies the property.

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How we can help you succeed!

Become the Bank!

Stop worrying about being a property manager and just worry about collecting checks. 

Stop Fixing Toilets!

Get the cash flow without the headache that comes along with being a landlord.

Market Value Offer!

Get the NOW market value of your property minus any repairs needed so you can move on with your life!

Looking to sell your multi unit for $500k+?  

We will buy Fixer upper or value add Multi unit properties Lease Purchase!


“These Super Hosts are getting $500 a night for this property on the lake! When your property is in the right area you have more options!”

Rod J
Spring City, TN.

“We decided to partner with our property to create an AirBNB for Cash Flow! Now we get income till we decide to sell the property!”

The Power Couple
Atlanta, Ga.


Let's talk options!

Multi  Unit AirBNB's can be massive!



Im Rod Jones a Real Estate Investor in Metro Atlanta. We help Multi Unit Sellers Sell their Property for current market value at a time when the bank may not qualify the buyer for this property! Some non performing properties may not qualify for a traditional loans. We will pay the seller a non refundable Deposit as well as monthly payments on performing properties. Non performing properties will vary on a case by case basis. Buyer will have a term of  24 months to get the property ready and get qualified for a loan. If the buyer fails to qualify for the loan in 24 months the property will revert back to the seller. With the seller keeping all property upgrades and the non refundable deposit.

After all upgrades and repairs have been completed and the vacancy rate has decreased within the 24 month period the buyer can now close on your property with the bank paying off you the property  owner.

You may not always have the option to create cash flow from the Short term rental boom! Different areas now have different restrictions and are a case by case basis. If you are interested in creating cash flow from your property with AirBNB we can discuss that during our consult.

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